Communication Skills

a prep course for teens

Communication Skills For Life



A 4 week workshop geared to give teens The Charismatic Connector Advantage


(ages 12-17)


Growing up is hard!      


I have to be more responsible

I need to communicate with adults

I need to speak up and share my ideas

I need to work with others and stay positive

I shouldn't act like a 8 yr old if I don't get my way

I need to be a leader, work hard and think of others

I don't want to eventually learn this in life, the hard way 


Scientific evidence from MIT & Harvard support the importance of being a "Charismatic Connector"

and the role it plays as

"the ultimate team player"



"It's hard to think of what to say"

Communication Skills

  • Body Language
  • Purposeful eye contact
  • Start a conversation
  • Continue a conversation
  • Listening better
  • Overcome anxieties
  • Know what to talk about
  • Focus on the "now"
  • Ears, Eyes & Understanding

"Being an adult sounds scary"

Life Skills To Help

  • Group social skills at school, church and society
  • Communicating with adults
  • Customer service & phone skills
  • Job interview
  • College prep/entrance
  • Dating & 1-on-1 conversations
  • Public speaking & social discomforts

"They just expect us to know"

Optimize You!

  • Become a "Charismatic Connector"
  • The ultimate team player
  • Be others focused
  • Increase conversation energy
  • Be more engaged and focused
  • Explore ideas through inclusion
  • Connect with others
  • Leadership roles

Jef Rawls combines scientific studies with 25 years of improvisation training into the

10 C's of The Charismatic Connector


  • 1

    • Be more interested in others
    • Find common ground
    • Like, Admire & Respect
  • 2

    • Bring energy to your conversations
    • Smile! Charge their battery & bring joy
    • Play! Enjoy the moment & enjoy life!
  • 3

    • Engagement:  Be in the moment
    • Eye contact, be open, be vulnerable
    • Hyper-Listening:  Ears, Eyes, Understanding
  • 4

    • 100% commitment to your choice
    • Show positive truth signals of behavior
    • Step outside of your comfort zone
  • 5

    • Optimize your humor attraction
    • Defuse conflict / reduce stress
    • Be ready to laugh and be at fun!
  • 6

    • Ignore your inner "Saboteur" 
    • Share your ideas & your voice
    • Challenge the "status quo"
  • 7

    • "Yes And" techniques of "Disagree but optimize"
    • Be open and willing to explore ideas
    • What can "we" create
  • 8

    • Leadership qualities
    • Take care of yourself first - then others
    • Step into the 'unknown zone' purposefully
  • 9

    • Sense of belonging / community
    • Release of 'feel good' chemicals
    • Stronger bonds / friendships
  • 10

    • Give of yourself to benefit others
    • Care for and be aware of others needs
    • Help thine brothers boat across...

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