The Charismatic Connector Advantage

Optimize your personality with customers, clients and coworkers

Secrets To Engagement

Employees who feel engaged at work are 31% more productive and average 37% higher sales.

Customer Magnet!

Your personality can create magnetism and attraction to you, your product, and your company. 

Collaborate as a Leader

A competitive yet collaborative team member elevates and motivates everyone on the team. 


    Welcome Video, Course Introduction, Course Notes, Commitment for Success.


    Be more interested in others. Find common ground. Like, admire & respect = Friendship.


    Energy of conversation. Smiles, bring joy. Step forward.


    Engagement: Be in the moment. Be more interested in what they say. Hyper listening.


    100% commitment to your choice. Truth signals of behavior / body language. Stepping outside of comfort zone.

10 + Videos providing insights, understanding and practical application for immediate results! 

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Over 2 hours of content on the topics of Charisma, Creativity, Humor, Collaboration, Competency and more!!

Known as "The Ultimate Team Player", the Charismatic Connector will give YOU the professional advantage! 

In this course, you'll get the skills and behaviors necessary to more fully connect with customers, clients and coworkers.   Optimize your personality, integrate your sense of humor & maximize YOU in your personal and professional life.

Imagine going to work tomorrow and increasing your sales, getting attention for promotion and creating an atmosphere at work that creates a magnetism for your customers and coworkers!  YOU bring it! 

The CCadvantage